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About the Archives

The Trinity School Archives was established in 2002. For almost 20 years, the Archives has made the historical records of the school available for faculty, staff, students, and the Trinity community for educational and research purposes.

The mission of the Trinity School Archives is to collect, preserve, and provide access to records of enduring historical and administrative value. The collection includes documents generated by administrators, faculty and students and materials containing information about activities, people, and events associated with the school. For more information on what we collect and how you can support our mission, see our Collection Policy

The Trinity School Archives is administered by Winthrop Group Archivist, Suzana Chilaka. As the Trinity School Archivist, Suzana provides access to specific records and information for administrative purposes and research on the School's history, assists student publications with photos and accurate information from the Archives, responds to questions concerning proper management of active records, and identifies those non-current records that should be transferred to the Archives.