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Documenting COVID-19

In line with our mission to collect and preserve Trinity’s history and make it accessible for future research, the Trinity School Archives is launching the “Documenting COVID-19” project. As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to sweep through our community, our nation, and the world, the ways in which this health crisis and the ensuing lockdowns have affected us are many. 

For our Trinity community of students, parents, faculty, staff and alums, the pandemic has transformed the way we learn, how we teach, how we commune with one another, how we celebrate our traditions and milestones, what the future of our school life will look like, and so much more. Just as the pandemic and lockdowns have impacted virtually every part of our community, we believe each of us has a story to tell about our personal experiences during these historic and unprecedented times.

We invite all members of the Trinity community to share your experiences through your writing, photographs, artwork, and audio/video recordings through the portal below.    

How to Participate

We are interested in your answers to the following questions through text documents, images, and audio/video: 

• How did you first learn about COVID-19? What was your first impression and how did it change over time?
• How did you prepare for distance learning [as a teacher, student, or parent]?
• Describe how your experience with distance learning. 
• What do you miss most from the pre-COVID time? What do you miss about Trinity?
• How did you stay connected to your friends, family, colleagues, or alum network?
• What did you do to pass time during the lockdown?
• What did you find most difficult about the pandemic and lockdown?
• Was there anyone or anything that helped make your experience better?
• What do you think are some permanent effects the pandemic will have on Trinity and New York City?

Click the “Submit” button below to upload your contribution. 

* Please note, the Archives cannot accept medical records or any personal identifying information. Please only send materials that you have created or that you own.

Your Submission

After submitting your entry, the Archivist will review and catalog your submission. Newly added materials are not typically made available for research right away. The Trinity Archives is accessible to primarily the Trinity community of students, alums, faculty and staff. We serve a number of outside researchers that have been screened and approved to conduct research in our Archives.

The Archives is deeply appreciative of any materials you submit to be a part of the school’s historical record.