Trinity School publications are a vital part of the archive. Students have produced newspapers, journals, magazines, and yearbooks, all of which feature advertisements. 

At Trinity School, advertising revenue helped cover printing costs from the time of its earliest publications until the middle of the 1980's. 

Selected from the Trinity School Archive collections, the ads in this exhibit, on display in the lobby and online, highlight some of the businesses, services, products and values that connected Trinity students and their publications to the world around them.

Acta Diurna advertisers, Acta Diurna, Show Number, 1925

“Ads sell a great deal more than products. They sell values, images, and concepts of success and worth.” 

Brené Brown (1965–) Scholar and author.

Local and well known New York City businesses that advertised in Trinity's publications would agree with Brown. All of the advertisers in this exhibit had some relation to Trinity School, whether it was being in the same neighborhood, selling Trinity specific products, or having a family member attending the school. These relationships really did prove to be of "mutual advantage."